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LAST UPDATE 22/12/2015 - 10:20
Photovoltaic plant Falmec SpA - Vittorio Veneto
CO₂ Emissions Saved1.797.937,55 kg
Total Energy Produced3.392.335,00 kWh
Current Power96.716,00 W
Thanks to the sun

Falmec is sensitive to the environmental sustainability of its products and production processes.
That is why we decided cover our plant with two photovoltaic systems that provide, on the sunny days, the almost total energy autonomy.

The first plant, installed in 2010, covers the production area for a total surface of 12,000 m² and has a maximum output of 356.400 W. The second plant covers the 7,500 m² of the warehouse with a nominal capacity of 274.500 W and started working in June 2011.
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